General Psychometric Test Tips

Tips (5)Do you have a general psychometric test coming up soon? Feeling a little stuck? Fear not, below you’ll find a collection of invaluable tips to help you ace your next test:

  • For numerical reasoning tests, it’s great to aim to answer all the questions you can, but don’t stress out about answering the whole test within the time frame. The tests are specifically designed to be difficult, and only a fraction of participants are able to answer all the questions in the allotted time.
  • You may be able to complete an aptitude test well before the time runs out, but don’t stop working! Review all the questions, double-check your answers, and use all of the allocated time wisely.
  • Some of the personality test questions are specifically designed to test your honesty. These questions will ask whether you are likely to participate in certain undesirable behaviors, most of which are extremely common. Just be sure to use your common sense when answering questions!
  • Certain aptitude tests don’t allow you to go back and review questions once you’ve answered them. If you get stuck on such questions, it’s best to guess to avoid wasting too much time.
  • To show off your full potential, preparation is key. Attempt to complete as many practice tests as you can, in order to develop a full understanding of the questions that you may be asked.
  • Most numerical tests allow you to use a calculator, so familiarize yourself with the basic functions of yours. The tests serve to assess your ability to analyze and interpret data and make decisions accordingly, not to test your mathematical skills.
  • You may be asked to take a series of tests and whilst you are generally allowed to complete them in one sitting, it’s best to take small breaks in between to avoid mental fatigue.
  • Personality tests tend to ask a series of questions that focus on one particular personality trait, keep this in mind and remain consistent in the way you answer these questions.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Good luck!