Aptitude and Ability Tests – Fluid Intelligence

business-intelligence-systemsAptitude and ability tests are designed to assess cognitive ability within work-related situations. They can be incredibly useful for employers to measure the problem-solving and logical reasoning abilities of a potential employee. Essentially, the tests attempt to evaluate what is referred to as crystallized and fluid intelligence.

Fluid Intelligence

Fluid intelligence can be simply described as the ability to think on your feet and improvise solutions. It involves critical thinking, logical and strategic problem-solving, adaptation to unfamiliar situations, the ability to absorb and utilize new information, and the ability to learn new skills quickly. As a result of the challenging nature of the situations in which the use of fluid intelligence is required, many circumstances encourage these newly learned skills to be converted into crystallized intelligence.

Often seen in everyday life, fluid intelligence applies to many situations where decisions are made based on logical thinking without the use of prior knowledge or experience. This includes things like solving puzzles or making quick decisions on chance games such as Craps or Roulette, where the player must make snap judgment calls based on logical reasoning. Other examples include using your imagination to create something brand new, using initiative and creativity to solve new problems, and acquiring new skills from logical thinking that is based on fresh data. The most common aptitude tests used to assess an individual’s fluid intelligence are abstract reasoning tests.

Abstract Reasoning

These tests can be particularly useful to employers in determining the future success of a potential employee, as they deal with the same abstract concepts that occur on the job. The questions often involve solving wordless puzzles or identifying patterns. A successful employee will be shown to have the ability to take the initiative in work-related situations, solve complex problems, or develop strategies for unusual goals. It’s important to prepare for an abstract reasoning test when seeking a position at certain companies.