Psychometric testing is an important, widely-used method of testing a potential employee’s suitability to a certain position. As many companies use psychometric testing, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the types of tests that you may be subject to. This could mean the difference between landing that job or promotion with great pay and dental insurance or being passed over for someone who did a little more research on the internet than you. If you’re an employer looking to hire the right candidate, these processes can aid your selection and ensure you appoint the correct person for the position, not someone who may be unable to fulfill job requirements further down the road.

These tests are designed to assess an individual’s mental aptitude, the behavioral aspects of their personality and how they may match a specific position. From this employers aim to form an opinion on how well a candidate may be able to work with others, overcome work-related challenges, and cope with the stresses of the job. Psychometric tests are usually conducted after initial screening and assessment of a candidate’s qualifications and are designed to be objective and unbiased, testing in a manner which aims to uncover any potential shortfalls that may be difficult to determine from standard interviewing procedures.

Due to the often random use of differing styles of tests, it’s important to understand all of the different types of psychometric tests and prepare accordingly for a selection process. An abundance of tests exist with the sphere of psychometric selection and they are split into the two main categories of personality and interest tests and aptitude and ability tests. This website will broadly explore some of the methods that could prove useful to both employers and employees.